A Promise to Our Families...

Our staff is committed to supporting your family during their time of grief, with the recognition that all grief is personal and specific to each individual.

We will strive with families to create the most personal and unique tribute to the deceased and support any appropriate request to commemorate the life that was lived.

We will create opportunities for family members and friends to do the work of grieving in a safe and supportive environment.

We acknowledge that we cannot make the pain go away, but through our efforts we can make the journey of grief less lonely and perhaps a little easier.

Our Services

At Hufford Family Funeral Home we understand that each person had a special and unique purpose in this world, and each person has their own life story…

We want to help you tell your loved one’s life story through the life celebration we help you create. There are many ways to personalize a life celebration by using a combination of the right product and services we can successfully tell this story….

Whether you choose a traditional burial, a cremation, a visitation, funeral service, a life celebration, or any combination of these, we can assist you in selecting those things that best reflect their life.

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Pre-Planning Resources

At Hufford Family Funeral Home, we provide a great collection of documentation to ensure that when our services are needed you will know just what to do. We understand that not everyone has experience in funeral services, and that is why we offer our preparation services to help you pre-plan your arrangements for your loved ones, or to help walk you through the funeral process for those who need assistance in planning.

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At Hufford Family Funeral Home we offer an online listing of obituaries for friends and family members who may not have access to the local paper. Our online obituaries also offer the ability for distant friends & family members to send their heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased.

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Community Memberships

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